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THE fam

Here at “Zeke’s Home”





we pray you are encouraged, touched, and inspired to embrace life for each and every person and situation.  

I’m Sarah Sardina and I have been embracing life since becoming a teen-mom at 16, having “too many kids,” and now adopting a child from the “least likely to be adopted” category. My amazing husband, Chris, has been with me every step of the way. By the mercy and grace of God we have been learning to embrace each new life that has been gifted to us.

In 2016, we were in a movie theater parking lot. We both knew it was time to adopt. Somehow, some way, make a plan, it was time.  We prayed that God would lead the way has he has so many times before. I told Chris, I’d always pictured adopting a little African-American boy.

The next day we bumped into this little boy’s foster parents in church and his foster-mom looked up at me with her beautiful compassionate eyes and said, “They couldn’t find anyone to take him. We couldn’t resist saying yes, but we can’t adopt him. We’re just praying God will help us find his forever home.” We couldn’t deny that God was showing us this little boy, with a medical needs list a mile long, was the one!

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